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Punto MK1 Rear Wiper Broken! Help?

Hello all,

I've just bought the missus a T reg MK1 Punto, everythings fine, except for the rear wiper. It's not working! The washers work (front and rear), the front wipers work (same fuse according to the handbook, so not that causing the problem) and I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue, or might know where the problem could be?

Any help would be most appreciated.
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Re: Punto MK1 Rear Wiper Broken! Help?

could be a number of things, the motor, wiring, switch (it should turn on the motor by either spinning the end of the knob, or by pushing it away from the wheel)

can you move the wiper when its not on? (it could be a seized motor)

best thing to try is a new motor tbh, or connect a 9v battery to the terminals of the motor and see if it works then
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Re: Punto MK1 Rear Wiper Broken! Help?

Yeh basicaly what cinqy said! But I had this problem with my Punt when I first got it. Theres was a ticking noise coming from the back, and every time it ticked every light flickered! So I took it to a garage (silly me!) and they told me it was the earths and that they had fixed it. But no they hadnt So got a motor from the scrappy, fitted it myself (very easy) and bingo bango, no flickering and the rear wipper now works
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