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Re: Really need some help with 2013 punto roof bars!

Quote Originally Posted by derbyshire gp View Post
The older parts (seem) compatible with the newer parts (well with the 3 door 2012 punto any way) and by sounds of it same with charlies 5 door

so as long as the kit is for a 3 door or 5 door you will be fine
grande punto 2006-2011 is same as a punto evo 2010-11 and the punto 2012-2016
fully agree,

3 Door 2006 to 2017
5 Door 2006 to 2017

AFAIK - it's the rear fixings that will differ, as aperture-wise..
you are mounting to a WINDOW , not a DOOR

I didn't say - but my " now 10 year old bars " were from a 5 door GP to my 5 door "punto"

on my 3rd day of ownership - I went to an FF / MI meet,

and @Wisey helped me check the mats all were interchangeable - so my Twinair has EVO mats..

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