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Re: Highest mileage punto on the forum?

Quote Originally Posted by akyttala View Post
My Punto MK2b 1.2 8v 2004 has ~340 200km (~212k miles?) and still going strong. Engine has never been opened, no changed headgasket etc. Gearbox has never been opened and even the clutch is original and still working like a charm. Oils have been changed every 10 000km, gear oil 60 000km, sparkplugs every 40 000km and at 300 000km I changed ignition coils just in case, to protect ECU. At 200 000km I also changed front and rear dampers and springs, just in case also. Nothing wrong with old ones. All wheel bearings are still original. Only problem was driver door central lock, which freezed in winter few years ago at -25'c and broke. Probably it would have survived, if I have had time to melt it, instead of opening it inside with too much force in hurry.
I had two 900 Saabs before Punto and, off course, they had half a million easily, but even compared to them, I think Fiat Punto is quite impressive for such a small and inexpensive car. Probably the best car I ever going to have.
For a while I have already waited with horror if Punto is going to surrender. Which car I buy next, as Punto is no more in production? Maybe Panda but unfortunately they won't sell it in Finland and if I'm going to get one from Sweden or Germany, it still won't have the great 1.2 FIRE anymore. I don't think that 1.0 FireFly or 0.9 TwinAir can take 300 000km+..
Greetings from Helsinki. These cars seem to keep on going in Finland and the prices remain high compared to a comparable UK car. Is it something to do with living in a flat country? or is it because most of the winter is totally frozen and the rust has less chance to work?

I am seriously thinking I might never need to buy another car again.
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Re: Highest mileage punto on the forum?

Mine from 2001 (mk2a 1.2 8v) is 260000km. Thought the other day i would have to scrap it because it overheated badly due to a rotten rubber gasket (cooling system). After pulling over to low engine temperature, it ran for 30km on the highway to my mechanic always between medium and maximum temperature (but not red light). There we realized that there was no coolant in the system, it was dry! Made 150km since repair and no water on oil, exhaust with no smoke and coolant at maximum level. Seems that the poor old original head gasket survived another battle. Tough car, probably will never have another one as simple, reliable and resiliant as this one.
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