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Exclamation WELCOME to the Punto Mk2/2b Section! START HERE

Hello and Welcome to the Punto Mk2/2b Section

The moderators for this section are ChrisUk and myself a1ant.

All posts in this section must comply with the forum rules

Please note you all signed up to these and are all accountable to them.

If you are new and have a problem with your Punto, the best place to start is the SEARCH function. Many common problems have been covered in detail and you may get the answer you need a lot quicker via an existing thread, rather than waiting for people to reply to a new thread.

DONT FORGET to mention the model of Punto you have in your post, as the advice given may vary depending on model. Ie Punto mk2b 1.3 Multijet

Another essential place to check is the GUIDES section. There are lots of very useful and comprehensive guides on some of the most common problems/ procedures.


Don't Double Post - If you don't get a reply to your post within the time you would like then try 'BUMPING' the thread, rather than creating a new one. I would recommend waiting at least 24hrs first though.
Don't Blind Post - This is reading the very 1st post and then leaving a reply without bothering to check what anyone else has said. If the answer's already been given then you're wasting not only your own time but everybody else who takes the trouble to read your post.

If you see a post that you think needs attention (ie offensive, in the wrong section, advertising etc or in any other way needs moderator attention) then please click the report button .

If someone has provided a particularly useful/ informative post, then you may wish to click the "Thanks" button.

Most importantly of all, please have consideration for all other members. Even if you don't agree with what they are saying, please be polite and courteous in saying so!

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If you see a problem post, please click the report button
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