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I have got myself a new car, a mk2 1.2 8v 2001, the slight issue i have is the temp needle only goes up about 1cm, but sometimes it goes up to half way, then back down to 1cm.
I have aquirred a new thermostate, but was also told i should change the temp switch.
Now i have been told my a motor factors the list 2 temp switches one for the needle and one that connects to ecu, which one should i replace.
And is it ok to fill the system back up with all antifreeze, or should it be mix with water.
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Re: Temperature

usually a 50-50 mix of antifreeze protects down to -35c, so that should be suffiecent. You can get premixed coolant if there is alot of lime/chlorine in your water supply. You can also use distilled water which is easily obtained from somebody with a condenser tumble dryer.

I would do a coolant flush and rebleed it correctly with the new thermostat before changing anything else
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Re: Temperature

while you've got the Water system empty - i'd be tempted to dunk the sensor in Cold - warm and hot water - make sure its reading properly

Failing sensor could be why its Hot and cold all the time

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Re: Temperature

You need the sensor which runs the guage, rather than the ECU. Check the condition of the wiring to the sensor, it may just be a dodgy connection.

New Brighton water 50/50 with antifreeze will be fine.
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