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Hgt Braking issues

Hi there, when i got my hgt in december, first thing i noticed was how good the brakes were, then it went off the road for a couple of weeks

when i got the car back, the brakes were quite a bit poorer than before. again recently, its been off the road a few days, and the brakes are now even worse!!. bordering on shockingly bad actually!, you have to push the pedal very hard to get a reaction, and downhill, it almost feels like you have to put the pedal to the floor to get it to pull up in time , not good at all!!

the discs are upgraded ones only done about 4k miles, look almost perfect, the pads are also upgraged, and look like they have plenty life left in them, one thing i have noticed is how regularly the handbrake sticks when applied for a day or so, which makes me wonder if perhaps there could be some problem with the rear calipers sticking?, would this make the entire brake sytem poor?

im fairly sure there could be an issue there as when it broke down and needed pushed, the car felt extremley heavy, and the guy that ended up towing it commented on how heavy it felt for a punto whilst pushing it onto the towing arm. it also seems a coincidence the cars brakes went bad after 2 times of not moving

is this a fairly common issue with the hgt?
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Re: Hgt Braking issues

possibly a sticking caliper somewhere by the sounds, unless after a while it goes ok and becomes good again possibly caused by the oxidation which occurs if even left still for a day although, by the sounds of it this sounds abit extreme
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Re: Hgt Braking issues

And if things are sticking, chances are, they are generating a lot of heat. This not only will reduce the effective friction on the pads, but will transfer to the brake fluid, making it spongey.
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