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Help pls with back door side panel

I've got a 3 door punto sx. I've reupholstered the door side panels in the front of my car, but don't know how to do the back, as there is only a small circle of material within the door (no door just side as its only a 3 door). But unlike the front you can't just take the whole side panel off as it's connected somewhere i don't know. Do I have to take the whole inside off, or is there a secrect screw that would allow my to knock the circular material out and just replace it with another. As i don't want to do a botch job and have to stick a piece of material it over.

Help pls with back door side panel
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bumped this up for you, if you get no reply try pming dawn-of-tyme, i know she done the front maybe she done the back aswell;)

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Re: Help pls with back door side panel

Sorry :I, i must had missed this as ive not been on too much lately

The whole of the panel has to come off so its easier to work with and this means taking out the whole of the back seat.
Then remove the plastic trim under the seat nearest the panel you want to take out.
Undo the top and bottom seat belt mountings and remove the back seat belt mount, this fastens through the panel.
Remove the screws holding the panel in.
Pull away the door and window rubbers to expose the ends of the panel and then pull as it is also fitted with plastic lugs.

The circular bit your talking about it a bugger to cover, it is held in by plastic clips that are melted to the panel
DO NOT try to just push the panel out as it will crack i ended up using a stanley knife to trim the plastic down and then cut around the inner peg and then ease the door panel off the peg, the only prob i had was once you had done that some of the pegs wouldnt hold again once you'd covered it so i had to super glue them back in :s

I tried to cover the actual panel in material and this is horrendous so i just sprayed the panel and recovered the internal panel.

Good luck, if you need any more info PM me and i'll send you some pics

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Re: Help pls with back door side panel

Ive got my 6*9's fitted in those spaces. Heres what they look like. Since this pic they've been covered Red. Let Me know If you want me to tell you how to do it. It just involves fixing some thin MDF to get better sound.

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