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s-plate 16v sporting advice

Hi all

I`ve just come back from looking at a punto has described.

I need some advice or help for a 1998 s-plate punto 16v sporting.

The car`s done 67k with history/ every reciept for things bought and done on car, belts done at 36700 on 27/07/05 will this be ok or require changing belt kit used.

Noticed a small ticking/knocking noise coming from the back side of the engine near to the exhaust pipes apart from that there seems to be nothing else apart engine wise.

The outside has the odd scratch all it needs is a good tidy
is there anything I need to look for what is common on the punto.

cheers everyone.
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Re: s-plate 16v sporting advice

belt is probs about half worn out but if you buy the car you would want to change it for your own piece of mind i would

inspect the coolant if it is in any way brown and manky or clear ie topped up with water only not mix you may have problems in the long run with the head gasket

if it's blue/green smells sweet and feels slippery between your fingers this is all good signs that it is an nice strong clean mix regularly changed

ticking is probs just an exhaust related thing and nothing major

otherwise if the engine sounds good and the car drives well it my be a good buy specially as the guy has been bothered to keep recites for everything to proof he has looked after it

things to check for rear swing arm play would be audable on the road test as a knock from rear could also be rear sub frame bushes easy to put right will cost about 40 quid in parts at mos a side

rear wiper motors can seize should be checking this anyway along with every other electrical item head light adjusters you should hear these from inside the car actually without the engine running check windows operate at an acceptable speed to slow suggests tired motors or dirty tracks either will lead to replacement eventually

also does he have the red key and 2 blues

if there's no red use it as a bargaining tool as without it i would say slash the price buy 3 to 5 hundred pounds seriously i would actually walk away from a car with no red key also if all keys are there check that they all start the car if the red key puts the code light on permanent until another key is used don't worry this is what it's meant to do also you cant break the system playing with the 3 keys it has so don't worry about checking them all an accidentally entering some programming mode cos you wont do anything
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