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V reg punto Oil Change (MK2)

Hi all,

I am a student. I have had my punto for a year now and done plenty of miles.

I need an oil and filter changes. Can anyone tell me how I can you this for myself. With this very basic knowledge I will cut out the garage bill and just do it myself.

The punto handbook cleverly misses this part out and only includes how to top up the oil. Has anyone noticed this?

If you could add pictures it would be great.
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Re: V reg punto Oil Change (MK2)

The manual is designed to stop people who don't know how to change the oil from knacking the poor engine!

Essentially you have to do two things... get the sump nut off and then refit it.

The sump nut is on the back of the sump (the lowest part of the engine). It has an Allen key head on it (12mm). Basically you unscrew it (it'll be a bugger to remove) and the old oil falls out.

So.. make sure you have 5 litres of oil before you start.

Run the engine for a while.. the sump should be warm to touch.. but mind you don't stick your head in the pulleys when to go to check it while the engine is running.

Undo the sump plug and collect the old oil in a oil pan (a BIG saucepan will do.. anything that is big enough and allows you to tip the oil away afterwards. Remove the oil filler cap to help the old oil drain out.

(Check that the pan fits under the sump before you take the sump plug out! )

Leave the beast to drain for as long as it takes to get all the oil out.

Wipe up all the spilt oil.

Refit the plug (it's probably in the saucepan). Don't over-tighten it.. but do tighten it.

<Change Oil Filter here>

Take the dip stick out. Add new oil into the filler neck. Bung 4 ltres in there and let it settle.. then stick the dipstick in there and see what it looks like. Add a bit more oil till the level is at the "Max" mark. 1 litre will take your level from "Min" to "Max" so don't over-fill it.

Put the dipstick in. Put the filler cap on.

Start the engine and let it idle until warm again. Switch off and let the level settle .. then check the level again. Top up as required. Sorted.

I'd also do the filter. Old one screws off (you need a wrench for it) and new one screws on. Just put some clean oil on the rubber gasket to help it seal.

Ralf S.
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Re: V reg punto Oil Change (MK2)

PS do the filter BEFORE you put in the new oil and AFTER you have drained the old stuff!
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