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Lights turning on when parked

I have a really strange problem with my Fiat Punto Evo (2011) which my local garage and fiat dealer are unable to fix permanently until today...

The problem is this problem occurs very randomly, when my car is parked and locked, the head lights (and behind also I believe) are turning on, and flickering in a spooky way (they dim a bit and turn bright again all the time).

So this might start in the middle of the night, on a random day, until the battery runs out and I'm unable to drive (or even open my automatic locks).

Please note, my light switch is turned off (not on, not auto, but really off). I would think this breaks the circuit but probably it doesn't work like that because of the auto-functionality and the switch is controlled by this small computer / fuse box.

The garage tried to reset my fuse box and another time the dealer updated the software.

The problem is that when I go to the garage or dealer, I'm not able to show the problem since it occurs randomly.

After the update it worked for a couple of months, until the problem suddenly persists again.

Is there anyone who might have experienced this problem or can point me in the right direction?

Would replacing this fuse box fix the problem? I don't want to replace parts just to guess if it might work, since it will cost a couple of hundreds euros to do so..

Please see the video of the problem:
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Re: Lights turning on when parked

I cannot view videos..
So will ask the obvious..

Do you have any aftermarket electrical items?

One of the not shutting down correctly..
Either through the CANBUS network.. or its own internal issue.. would bd a strong contender..

So would be poorly made connections to additional items ..ALARM? TOWING BAR??

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Re: Lights turning on when parked

Watching the video it looks to me to me (and this is only my opinion but I was an electronics engineer for years) I would say you have a water ingress problem. Where the water is, will likely be the biggest problem to solve.

You might have a damaged headlight really but that would be an easy fix. You may have water in the wiring look causing a short.
You may have water in an electronic module like the body computer causing the lights to actually turn on and off.

It is extremely difficult to even begin to tell you where to start with the problem like this.

I think my approach would be to pull the headlight relay and see if the trigger wire for the relay is going live or not. Nd work my way through the systems.
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