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Question Evo Dualogic Gearbox Trouble

So I haven't posted in a while, but I was hoping for some suggestions regarding an issue I have with the Dualogic Gearbox on my Evo 2011.

It began by 'clacking' or 'clunking' into gear, and being a bit slow to engage. Then it progressed to occasionally dropping out of gear into Neutral when changing up or down (at low speed). I took it to a Fiat dealership who could not diagnose the issue and told me to keep driving until it gets worse.

This week, the gearbox dropped out of gear trying to drop into 1st, and then the Dualogic warning light lit up on the dash, the gearbox refused to enter 1st. I had to push it off a junction, at which point I shut the engine off for about 5 minutes. I attempted to restart the car at which point it carried on as normal. This has happend again since then in exactly the same way.

It is worth noting that it seems to improve when I shift manually, but it does not stop it.

I have it booked in again in a couple of weeks, but was hoping I might be able to get some more advice or suggestions before then.

Some possible causes that I have already come accross on various sites:
  • Automatic Shifter Fluid Low / Leaking
  • Clutch Failing
  • Automatic Shifter Failing
  • Sensor Failing
  • Gearbox Failing

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Dan Patrick.
Kind Regards,
Daniel Patrick

Fiat Punto Evo 1.4 Dynamic 5d Dualogic (Stop & Start)
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Re: Evo Dualogic Gearbox Trouble

There are a lot of posts else where on the forum about the dualogic box, so few people come into the evo section it might be worth exploring other parts of the forum for advice.

They only made the evo for 2 years then it changed to the 2012 punto, after which point sales dropped off dramatically, therefore there are considerably less of them about, hence the lack of replies here.
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