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Punto Sporting Multiair- oil leak/ headgasket? urgent

Hi all,

Might be being paranoid but was doing some fettling on my evo sporting 1.4 multiair last night, and noticed an oil leak when I removed the engine cover.

It's on the right hand side of the engine when you look at it (passenger side uk) on the top of the rocker cover, below like a black plastic box thing which I believe is some kind of oil seperator. Quick google suggests this could be down to increased pressure in the head leading to...

I checked the oil cap, and there is a very small smearing of yellow/ white sludge on the bottom of the oil cap. The car does stand for a few days at a time, and does mostly short journeys but I do take it for a 1 hour drive at least once a week.

I have also noticed some white smoke on cold start which persists until it hits temp and also spurts out clear water from the exhaust on cold start... no water from exhaust when up to temp, held hand in front of exhaust and is quite "damp" though no water droplets. Coolant level was just above min about a month ago so topped it up, and noticed had dropped about 1cm.

On the other side of the coin.. car seems to run fine, idle is rock steady... no cold start problems.. and temp gauge goes to the middle within about 5 minutes and doesn't move.

Coolant itself is correct colour and doesn't smell like exhaust.

If i leave car to idle the fan seems to cut in and out every 2-3 minutes... is this normal?

I bought car 2 months ago from a dealer... supplied with 3 months warranty if I take it back to have oil leak fixed should I asked them to test the head as well?
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