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LEDs, Fog lights, front seats adjustment knobs, white road lights

hey everyone.
i own a 2010 Fiat Punto Evo.

searched everywhere for solutions to some of these and just couldnt find anything...simply anything!
need your help...

1. LEDs.
i would like to change every light bulb in my car to a LED.
meaning - turn signals (front, side and rear), parking lights, road lights, break lights, license plate lights, interior light (the ones that light up when you open the door), everything!
question is, which LED's do i need to buy, and do i need anything else fitted onto the car before i make the change?
also, because of electrical differences between my regular lights and the LEDs, i suspect that the punto will think theres an error and will turn on the "light bulb fault" light thinking theres a problem when there really isnt one.
any help or info on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

2. Fog lights.
first, my rear one doesnt work. whenever i try to turn it on, the "light bulb fault" light turns on in my dash. how the hell do i replace it? there are no screws to loosen over there! do i need to remove my rear bumper for this?
second, i want to install front fog lights, since i dont have any at all.
ofcourse, there are cars from the same model year as me that do have them, so i understand my car should be able to have them installed.
what do i need besides the lights, the button, and wires? anyone have any idea how do i put this together?

3. front seat adjustment knobs.
my front seats dont have these knobs. i am talking about the knobs that adjust the back-rest. they're simply both missing. i have searched and and didnt find even one. anyone got a clue where can i order 2 of these?

4. white road lights.
i would like to change my road lights, and high beam lights to white ones. something that looks like xenon, but isnt really a xenon.
which lights should i buy? anything recommended?

any help would be so much appreciated! i am struggling with these projects for so long, im about to give up. please help!
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Re: LEDs, Fog lights, front seats adjustment knobs, white road lights

unsure about the LED bulbs but you will need load resistors installing to fool the can bus bulb failure warning system

fog light bulb will be changed like this

but the bulb is different to the guide its a glass wedge base bulb a 21w looks like a giant side light bulb cant remember the bulb code number off the top of my head..

as for fog lights the car will not have been programmed for the fog lights nor is any wiring there ...

you can retro fit them with after market switch

the cars original switch talks to the body computer which turns on the lights kills the DRLS switches the tail lights on too dont go near it its a sensitive bit of kit...

search the grande punto section for my wiring guide you can get the bumper inserts and fog lamp units themselves easy enough

Im running osram night braker + bulbs in mine
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