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Re: Proved a police woman wrong :D

Quote Originally Posted by sammclean23 View Post
was just thinking it would make it inconvenient for uninsured drivers to fill up without using a jerrry can, if cameras picked them up at stations. :
Problem is what happens when some sales assistant fails to turn on the pump for them. Your likely to have some enraged nutter who isn't going to take kindly to them been told they are having no fuel storming into the shop to confront the poor staff member behind the counter........
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Quote Originally Posted by Most Easterly Pandas View Post
Massive gash
Quote Originally Posted by EmmaM88 View Post
Just a little touch up
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Re: Proved a police woman wrong :D

call me simple but I didn't know these lights existed. never witnessed them in use either. Do 500's have them? I have a twin air with fogs but I'm sure I'd of noticed extra light when turning? I'm gonna be staring at puntos and the like now instead of concentrating on the road lol
Personally looking at the photo it's easy to see why the police approached as it looks really bright!!! Agree about attitude though, should've been a bit more inquisitive about it rather than laying down the "facts"
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