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1.2 8v - 'My Life' question?

Hi guys

I'm looking to get a company lease car. The scheme is heavily discounted toward 'green' cars and low Co2. (Also the lower the list price the lower my monthly payments wil be!). It should be noted that I'm on a tight budget!

The Evo 'My Life' seems like a great deal at around 10k, with loads of kit and includes alloys, but I'm worried about the small 1.2 8v engine. Does anyone have any experience of it? An alternative may be to go for the 1.4 8v 'Feelin Good' edition as I see the Fiat website still advertises them (I guess they will end soon). It goes for around the same price as the My Life but has slightly less kit on it.

Do you think there is a noticeable difference between the 1.2 8v and 1.4 8v engines? on paper there is'nt much in it - around 0.5s 0-60mph and 9bhp (68 vs 77). Obviously my discount will be greater for the 1.2 (as it has less co2 emissions) but I dont want it if it's painfully lacking power.

Any hep would be great.

Thanks in advance

PS - I'm coming from a Panda 100HP 1.4 (very nippy!) and do around 11k per year.
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Re: 1.2 8v - 'My Life' question?

If you're looking for as eco as possible, try the new 500.

The power difference between the 1.2 and 1.4 won't be noticable - only if you went for the 135 Sporting would you notice a real difference.

I'd therefore go for the cheapest/greenest of the two.
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Re: 1.2 8v - 'My Life' question?

If I was coming from a 100HP then it would have to be the 1.4 but it seems your making a decision with your head and not your heart (probably wise given fuel cost these days!)
So if the MyLife has more kit on it which you'll find useful day to day plus its running costs should be less all round then no brainer?! [whoa just checked the showroom and the MyLife spec is massively better than the FeelGood!!]

Best plan - find your local dealer, ask to test drive both engines - doesnt need to be the special editions you just need to compare the engines really. and they dont need to know you wont be buying it from them...

Does MyLife come with fogs? looks smart in the pictures. the special editions seem so much better value than an equivalent spec standard trim.
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