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No Brake Lights!!!

Hey all, so i've had my Evo for about 8 weeks now, absolutely love it. However 2 weeks ago i had the warning light come on, the start/stop wasn't working and the cruise control was out of action too. I was in work all that week so i thought i would leave it until the friday when i was off to take it back to dealer. A friend followed me out of work on the thuesday evening and i had a text when i got home from him saying that my brake lights were out! I checked this straight away and yep, no brakes, made me wonder if they had gone out when the start/stop and cruise control had failed earlier in the week!

Anyway, called my dealer who are 40 miles away (i didnt buy mine from my local fiat dealer coz my girlfriend had bought a 500 from this one 40 miles away and she had great service) and they said that they could look at it straight away if i brought it in! I was like, "i don't think so mate, i'm not driving that, it's probably illegal and i'd get pulled over but more importantly i didnt fancy anybody rear ending me!' so he said all i could do was to call the AA under our 1 years free cover. So i did, and after 2 hours or so scratching his head, the poor guy said he was just going to tow it to nearest garage for me. The AA provided me with a hire car for 5 days which was good i thought, although it was a basic bog standard vauxhall meriva, nasty interior!
So, my nearest Fiat dealership weren't too impressed when i pulled up with my car on the back of AA van, especially when they realised i hadn't bought it from them, but thats just tough sh*t coz my warranty says i can take it to any of them right.

1 week later, i've just got it back!!! They had to get Fiat UK technical support involved as they couldn't find the problem, they made them take the whole dash out, send pictures to them and everything. Apparently there was a loose wire behind the dash board! I found this hard to believe, 1 loose wire to knock out all those systems??!!

Anyway, fortunately i was off work last week and only went back last night, if it wasn't ready i was getting a free hire car from Fiat UK customer services as the one from AA went back 2 days ago, i got them involved because the dealership said that they had no courtesy cars to give me. What i will say, is that Fiat customer services probably got it fixed quicker for me, as they kept phoning me up everyday saying that they had just been in touch with the dealership (must have really wound them up being chased up all the time, lol) and were letting me know of the progress.

Everything is fine now, just glad to have it back and in a safe driving condition again, what i will say is, next time you have any sort of fault appear on your dash, check your brake lights!!! And don't hesitate to call fiat customer services (00800 3428 0000) to let them now whats happened and they'll get on the case straight away
Punto Evo GP, 1.4 MultiAir 16v (105), Crossover Black, Cruise Control, Grey/Red interior.
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