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Panda 100 issues

Hi, I just brought a Panda 100hp to use for driving around the city, but I have a few questions as it needs a bit of work.

Gear Stick: Itís got a bit of play in it and the reverse lifter doesnít spring back down. So some advice on the linkages or bushes to make it tight and how to sort out the reverse lever to spring back down.

Steering Wheel Peel: I know this is a common fault, was looking at a Abarth 595 wheel, but it doesnít come with the Airbag. Firstly, I am assuming it fits even though itís a newer model, yes or no... and if it does fit, where can I get just the airbag from or is the one out of mine interchangeable? Or should I wait till I find one with an airbag and not mess around?

2 other things; thereís a noise! Itís like a rattling sort of noise. It only happens when the car is in motion, sort of sounds like itís coming through the footwell.
Depressing the clutch or higher revs donít seem to affect it.... i know it could be about 20 things, buts itís strange and doesnít sound like the groan of a bearing 🤷🏻*♂️.... also had the Red steering wheel, but donít need answers on that until Iíve put it on a scanner and can give more information. It only popped up once and went away and hasnít come back.

Many thanks in advance... apart from those things itís a fun little car
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Re: Panda 100 issues

100HP in normal mode has the power steering on high assistance so puts more strain on the battery. With a weak battery it will raise the power steering warning light. Goes out when you restart the car.

Rattle under foot-well - check the ARB drop links and steering bottom arms. The 100HP arms are different to other models with a larger alloy block through the rear mount. Cost about £70 each plus new drop links. If the car tramlines over motorway lines and over-banding it's deffo the bottom arm.

Steering wheel peel is annoying but you could carefully peel it all off and polish the leather. Ask a leather restorer.

Gear control cables are the same on all models. Gear lever control box in cabin will be specific to 100HP.
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Re: Panda 100 issues

The reverselock is done by some elastic band inside the (artificial) leather shifterboot. New boot (or just the band) and it should be ok.
Edit: There are several German companies that redo steeringwheels. I assume there are upholsterers in the UK as well.
If you have no strange sounds or feel in the steering you probably could do with a fresh battery.

gr J
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Re: Panda 100 issues

Hi Withnail, there's a guide for removing the gear lever gaiter which includes replacing the elastic for the reverse ring and lubricating the ball joints, which may help your gearshift woes. Good luck
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