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New twinair owners here 👋🏻

Hi everyone, new to twinair ownership but not to the fiat forum! Hoping to chat to some fellow twinair owners and get to know some of you! My names Ashley and I live on the Cambridge/Essex border 👍🏻Once I've worked it out, I'll get some pictures up 😊
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Re: New twinair owners here 👋🏻

Which model do you have and how do you find the TA ?
Have you tried turning it off and on again ?
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Re: New twinair owners here 👋🏻

So, I have a TA85 Turbo in the 2012 2WD Panda Easy (with a few extras from the deck). Just got it at the beginning of the year, and in fact I hadn't been driving since the early 90s so my first car in a while (and a whole new driving world I might add).

Compared to my last car, a true 80s Escort, B reg 1.3, the TwinAir is very... well very in almost every aspect you can conceive. One thing they do have in common though is they both sound like engines should do. None of this purring lark. They make that lovely 'brum' sound my little nephews make when playing with toy cars :-D

Excellent acceleration when needed. Especially when handling beggars that like to sit in your blind spot so you can't change to a slower lane when all they want to do is get in to your lane anyway. They just can't face pulling back to let you do it cause you're in a Panda. Confused logic. The TA can pull forward enough to do the job for them (whilst you gesticulate appropriately).

My tip so far, try turning on the eco mode in heavy traffic. It's much less effort. Feels a bit more like the 1.2 (which I test drove). It's not like you'll miss any performance in such situations. Win/win I think. Oh, and keep the Stop/Start thing turned off (which weirdly means keep the S/S button light turned on, in the 2012 model at least, as it is an S/S disable switch rather than activation switch for some mad reason). Saves next to nothing, wears parts, munches battery, and is generally annoying.

What colour did you snag? I got the particularly cool Turchese Sognante (Sweet Dreams Turquoise).
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