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2017 Panda City Cross
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1242cc Remaps

When I pick up the Panda next week I'm thinking of getting a remap. From what I've read here there are some issues on the 2014 models with hesitation, cant say I noticed it on the test drive, albeit I did think it was a little slow, I am though used to 180bhp at the moment.

Has anyone had a remap and has it helped or has there been any problems.
Any info would be great including which one to go for
Cheers Trevor
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Re: 1242cc Remaps

There are a few companies that will look at 'optimising' a 1.2 Fire engine for you, but not that many, for obvious reasons. Provided the mapping company can confirm that they have the ability to actually do the job via either OBD2 or by direct access (many assume they can until they actually try - I've been there!), then with a proper rolling road setup they should be able to deal with all the reported issues and foibles with throttle response and running problems. A properly setup and mapped ECU should not have problems, provided the technician is skilled and experienced. From what I've seen coming out of the factory over the past few years, not all of them are, although I accept that they are also trying (or obliged) to play the EU carbons game to attract buyers who chase on-paper economy rather than real-world stuff. A properly setup engine with a massive CAT as fitted to a stock 1.2 will be both very clean and very nice to drive.
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