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German 1989 Panda 1000 CL Carb problems.


We have a 1989 Panda 1000 CL from Germany. It has been running fine for the past 17 years, but lately the carburator (manufacture by Weber) had started to act up. We often have to pull the choke out for even a 10 km trip or the engine would stall.

Our mechanic (in Rome, Italy) tried to install a second carb from another Panda, but for some bizzare reason, it did not fit. Nowhere could they locate a similar carb.. There is no visible wear and tear on the valves, but we haven't ruled out that may be the case. The mechanics couldn't find the adjustment screw, either.

We are wondering, if (a) anyone knows how to adjust the air flow into the Weber carb, or (b) if there is a compatible replacement carb which we can use for said Panda model.

Thanks very much in advance,

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Re: German 1989 Panda 1000 CL Carb problems.

Find your model on here and it has the mixture screw locations at the bottom of each page.

A new carb can be sourced from the dealers at a huge price or try e-bay the part no of the carb is on the side 32tlf followed by something simmilar to 8/251
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Re: German 1989 Panda 1000 CL Carb problems.

If stalling is your only real problem, check the vacuum diaphragm on the distributor as it sound like it is this rather than the carburetor at fault. These diaphragms are known to fail and cause this problem, plus they put the timing out and can cause rough running and misfiring. Also check that the vacuum pipe from carburetor to distributor is secure and not leaking/ split as this can cause similar symptoms.

To check, pull off the vacuum pipe at the carburetor end and leave it connected to the distributor diaphragm. Now blow or suck at the pipe. If you feel resistance (vacuum) then the vacuum unit it fine. If there is no resistance then the diaphragm is shot and you've located the problem.

About the only thing you can adjust on the Weber 32 TLF is the idle mixture. It's a screw at the base of the carburetor (cam cover side of the engine), though it has little effect. Other than that check for air leaks from gaskets/ pipes.

32 TLF's are simple carburetors, so maybe a mild strip down and clean would help matters too.

Best of luck,


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