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4x4 Vs standard fuel tank question

Now you'd think since I've restored and worked on a lot of Panda's I'd know this but could some kind should remind me. Are the tanks different between the 4x4 Pandas and the 2wd cars.

Ta, Stu
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Re: 4x4 Vs standard fuel tank question

mk1s not so much.. the fuel tank on mk1 2wd/4wd/marbella are almost the same. they will all fit each other. however the 4x4 tank has a oval filler pipe whereas the others are round. this is not that much of an issue as the overall diameter is the same, and the both filler pipes will flex and become round or oval shape.

the mk2, the 4x4 fuel tank is identical to the mk1. however the 2wd uses a plastic fuel tank which stretches across the whole underside where the rear seat is. this is because the car does not have a prop shaft and to do with how the Omega rear axle bolts to the shell of the car.
pretty sure both tank sizes are about the same. 35L for the mk1 2wd/4wd/marbella/mk2 4x4... and i think 40L or 45L for the mk2 2wd.

ive never had a mk2 2wd so i am not 100% on tank capacity.
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Re: 4x4 Vs standard fuel tank question

Dragon Man has that covered for you really, on the mk2 the 4x4 is metal and the 2wd is plastic, the carb and injection ones differ too on those I believe, the UK only got the carb tank of course for the 4x4 but if you buy a tank overseas for a 4x4 be careful it isn't an injection one as the hole is different.

If you are still looking for a tank then Benjamin in the Facebook group "Fiat Panda Classic Owners Group UK" is giving one away that needs repair that needs collecting from Angmering, which I know is a long way from you, but if you reason with him and offer him a suitable cost he may be able to post it for you... worth a try?
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