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Old 06-09-2003   #1
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panda dance £600

My friends elderly Father is selling his 1990 Panda Dance 903cc, it has only had two owners from new,him being the second owner. The car is orange/Red in colour and 88k original miles on the clock. My friend has moved to Spain selling his own car to his Dad to get some money together, hence the reason for the Panda now on the market. The Panda has been with the Father for the past 11 years and had 14k on it then, the car is immaculate and has been lovingly washed and polished every other weekend, the inner doors skins have been wax oiled, I was amazed at the condition of this 1990 car, the inside looks like new and the outside has a few very small rust bits but nothing to write home about. People always comment on the condition of this Fiat Panda, it looks like it just fell out the show room. I am going to pop up with my Son and take a few digi pix of the car, so any interested partys can email me for a photo. Ideally this car would suit a retired person wanting a wee run about or a girl/boy just passed there test. I was at the car this afternoon and it has not been used for three weeks and it started 1st time. Any inspection would be welcome as 1st to see will definatly by. It is taxed for one 11 mts but has no M.O.T, I have suggested putting a years M.O.T on it and can see this being done hopefully this week some time. Please feel free to call me for a viewing or for me to send you some photos of the car.
James I Pryce
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Old 07-09-2003   #2
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United Kingdom 
IMO £600 is way too much - even with the years MOT.

Without the MOT it's scrap value.

Best of luck though :)
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Old 08-09-2003   #3
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Jim P - I've just had a look at Parkers prices ( and they reckon on £145. I'd hold out for £150. If it's a nice day, open the sunroof and you could perhaps push for £200.

I love the little cars with a passion (I have a '92 Dance myself) but it's a thirteen year-old Panda, and sadly isn't worth much.

I echo John's reply that even if you had it MOT'd, it's unlikely you'll get anything close to the £600 you want.

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Old 08-09-2003   #4
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Paul's right. If you say £150 then people might at least have a look at it.

Any more than that you're probably wasting your time.

Alternatively, put it up on eBay, but with plenty of pictures, showing things like door bottoms, engine compartment, wheel arches etc. You need to persuade the prospective buyer that it's as good as you say it is :)

STEVE - the NOS guzzling Panda owner and beagle fanatic ...

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Old 08-04-2012   #5
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United Kingdom 
Re: Panda Dance £600

Sorry but it's twice what I paid for my 50,000 mile Fantasia with a full service history, M.O.T, 999 FIRE engine and I've known both the original owners all my life.

The 903's weigh a fair bit more up front as well. You need to get hold of a Lancia Y10 antiroll bar and some Cinquecento Sporting wheels if you don't want to understeer off the first wet round about you come across.

Pandas are making good money and mine is a bloody bargain but £600 for one with nothing on is too much in my opinion.

Get the old girl M.O.T'd and tidied up then keep the car for yourself. More fun than anything modern.
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Old 08-04-2012   #6
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Re: panda dance £600

liquid you really must look at post guess is it's now sold...gone through two further a bit of rust on the doors and has been scrapped due to high milage....

Since the 2003 original post........
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