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Happy New Year - A New Year, A New Start

Hi all.

Been away and had some time out from it all, but 2011 brings a new fresh year hopfully.

Hope everyone is well and hello to any new members that have joined since I was last on here ages ago.

So what 2011 has already involved.

The 750L

I've finally got around to starting my restoration, well to be honest compaired to what alot have done on here, this is more a bit of TLC, calling it a restoration would be taking the micky a little.

I've changed to oil and oil filter, oil was black and water like, and done a coolant flush and change (14 system flushes with water there was that much crap in it!!).

Jobs left to do (concidering its been on the drive for 3 years now), change headlamps as both are USed due to reflectors having turned a little dark.

Engine bay will get a good clean out, as I've recently done the Stilo's and its rather addictive!!

Got replacement doors to put on her, but will need painting, as both doors are flapping rater well. Bonnet will also be replaced and repainted as its shot all along the leading edge. Also need to change return fuel pipe as that leaking all over the inlet manifold and there are two small rust patches on the scuttle below the windscreen to sort.

After all that it will then be onto the rear wheel arches to rebuild them, as although not rotten, both have been scrapped against walls and repaired to a fashion by dad and I in the past, but I plan to get them back into the correct shape they should be.

Ultimatly she's not in to bad a condition compaired to some Panda's, especially with 113000 on the clock.

All being well she might be back on the road sometime later this year

Most Easterly Panda's - Panda'ing in East Anglia
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Twin Turbo powered :-)
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Talking Re: Happy New Year - A New Year, A New Start

Happy New Year Jon,

That oil sounds bad, how is it running with fresh blood ?

Good luck restoring the old girl.


For all Chrysler help got to
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Re: Happy New Year - A New Year, A New Start

All the best with that Jon, sounds like someone is having a bit of fun!
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Re: Happy New Year - A New Year, A New Start

Happy new year Jon, good to see you back.

Also good to see you've stopped playing with the new stuff and are getting your hands dirty with a proper Panda .
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Working Seicento at last!
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Re: Happy New Year - A New Year, A New Start

Hey, most easterly Stilo's back in the housebeen a bit quiet.
Glad to see the legendary 750's finally getting that long promised attention. Good luck with the recommisioning.
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Re: Happy New Year - A New Year, A New Start

Mep who??.....never heard of him!

Hi Jon....I told you too keep your first car...glad you have. And now the resto...
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