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Smile Ford guy with a Fiat-friend

Heya folks. So back in Elementary school I met a red-haired jokester kid with a passion for Television, Movies, and Video Games... throughout our childhoods we were in many of the same classes, went camping with the same boy scouts, listened to the same music, watched the same movies, and often played the same video games. We were good friends. Our Dads even worked together at the same aerospace company building electronics. So you could say we both grew up with a fair amount of respect for technology. Fast forward a few years to High school, we still hung out from time to time, our interests began shifting to Cars, Girls, and... well... still more video games. I got my first car, a 1970 Mustang coupe I inherited from my Grandmother, which taught me a few fun tricks as well as hard lessons about maintenance and upkeep on a classic car. My friend's first car was a tired old green Honda Civic with peeling paint, he still drives it to this day. We kept at our studies though, all throughout college I learned more and more about cars, even getting a degree in Automotive Technology by the time I finished. I basically became an automotive guru among my peer group. I learned that my buddy's Dad had an old Fiat, I had seen the car before in the garage, but hadn't thought to ask about it until years later when I gained a working knowledge of cars and found out how rare a Fiat 124 least here in California. Fast forward a few more years... my old friend's Dad passed away in a cycling accident. Somewhere on a curvy road he either lost control or somebody hit him, to this day none of us really know. After a fair amount of grieving, my old friend approached me and asked if I would help him restore his Dad's old Fiat. to which I answered "Hell Yes!!!" it had been sitting in the garage for several years even before his dad was hit. So we started by getting the motor running (just needed fresh fuel) and now we're working on the brakes. It has been an amazing experience to reconnect with my old friend over something as personal as this car passed from father-to-son... however I'm not a Fiat expert, I'll need help from groups like this to finish the job and do it well, hopefully my friend will be the one posting by the time we get the car up to 100% So first things any of you know some good sources for classic fiat parts in the USA?
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