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Rear doors leaking

Hi i have just bought the new tipo 6 weeks ago and I'm from Ireland where we get alot of rain and if I open any of my rear doors when it's raining I greeted with a puddle of water there sea to be a gap of approximately 5mm between the rubber seal and the door frame where water enters the water does not make it inside the car as off yet it just lodges between the door and frame until I open the door but I'm worried if there is heavy rain it may amount to a large quantity of water which may get in .I have spoken to my dealer and he is looking into it for me I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced similar issues and how we're the solved
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Re: Rear doors leaking

Have you got any photos?

I dunno if Tipo has a rubber "blade" on the bottom of the door, if that's the one you mean. That's more for keeping wind-noise down than to keep water off the top of the sill.

It's okay to have water on the sill.. as long as it doesn't cross the rubber seal around the door aperture/on the threshold.

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