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Cool Hey guys! :) - Future 1.4 Black Grande Punto owner here!

Hey everyone!

Been lurking on the site for quite some time now, and with my intention to buy a Grande Punto in the near future I thought I best sign myself up!

Currently I'm 20 years old, still a student, with no licence as of yet (I can drive fantastically, don't you worry!) I hope to pass pretty swiftly and buy myself a 1.4 Grande Punto in black preferably (although white or red wouldn't be sniffed at!) and start to make some modifications... I'm thinking a black and red theme.

I've already had a few ideas through reading other gent's motors on this site and I wondered if you guys could just critique what I'm going to set out to do? point out where there might be problems, or where you'd do things differently... if you could !

LINKS IN BOLD by the way, I'm a new member so I can't post URL's properly yet


OK, so, here's my list:

- 1.4 Grande Punto Active Sport (Black).
- 17'' FX1 RED alloy wheels []
- Red wing mirrors using vinyl
- De badge the front, and possibly the back (replacing the back with a custom red and black custom punto badge)
- Tint the front, and possibly the back lights slightly (not too much, as it'll be a black car so I don't want them to look too dark!) Also, the backlights may end up being converted to the Punto Evo lights if I can afford it/work out how to do it!
- Stick on this [ hash=item1c1eae3024] to the side in red (not applying the 'EVO' bit though, as my car obviously won't be the EVO version) at a 30 angle ish (top right to bottom left when viewed on the photo used on the link, if you get me?)
- Probably end up lowering it 30mm or less, using Eibarch Springs (I heard they're good? - could someone confirm this?)
- Tint the windows. Although, like the head/rearlights I don't want them too dark!
- Some kind of sound system, nothing to rash but a nice powerful Sub wouldn't go a miss.
- LED day lights in the headlights (around the base) []



Feedback would be greatly appreciated and motivate me to get my brum brum even sooner!
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