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engine control faulty-message

anyone experianced "engine control faulty-contact garage".been going off now on my 110jtd every 15 secs whilst we were in the isle of wight on holiday(nightmare!! ),pulled over ,called out rac .he plugged in his laptop and couldn`t find any probs with it? car doesnt suffer any probs mechanically whilst displaying the on board message,, no loss in power or overheating etc,i thought i experianced over revving while going uphill with the fault and thought it may be something to do with the pot on acc pedal?? .rac tech guys reckon either faulty sensor and/or reqs software update on ecu??
after rac came its only done it once now and seems to have disappeared alltogether,by the way the red engine icon also comes on at the same time as message and then goes out!!
anyway i managed to get back to northampton without any further glitches and was a pleasure to drive!!
anyone got any ideas?? please let me know,dont really want fiat dealer to sting me! ;0(
cheers micky33
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Re: engine crtl faulty

Unfortunately the breakdown companies dont have the same equipment as dealers and therefore sometimes have problems accessing the ecu's or reading faults. Quite often what they do, if possible is to delete the error which gets rid of valuable information that a dealer could use to diagnose the fault. JTD systems have been very good, the multipla throttle potentiometer is sometimes an error that comes up, also I have had sticking turbos but they normally cause low power. Best thing to do is replicate the sort of driving you did and if fault occurs take it to the dealer to have checked out.
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