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Blaupunkt CD changer cable pinouts

I'm hoping someone can help on this one, as I'm a bit stuck.

I've recently bought a Blaupunkt CDC-A03 CD cnager from ebay. It's not the silver one that (I think) was originally fitted as an option to Multiplas, but it just about fits under the passenger seat ok.

The changer was new, and came with all its fittings and cables. There was also an adapter lead that is supposed to fit straight into the back of the Mutlipla stereo (CD player type). However, although the adapter lead is very comprehensive on all its connections, it doesn't fit the head unit.

The changer itself has three cables coming from it - 2 standard phonos and a strange socket type that I haven't seen before. There was a 5m cable to fit this that I've run up to the back of the head unit. The end of it looks like this (same at both ends):

As I can't change the socket on the changer unit itself, I'm forced to use this cable. However, the pinouts on the adapter lead take the wires to the wrong places on the back of the head unit, so even if it did fit, it ouldn't be any good to me.

So, can anyone tell me the piouts for this cable type? I've got the pinouts for the blue mini-ISO socket on the back of the Multipla head unit (they're printed on a sticker on top of the casing), so if I knew what-colour-cable-does-what for the lead, I could rewire it. The wire colours going into the back of the plug are brown, red, yellow, yellow with green stripes, black, blue and grey if that helps any. On the adapter lead, they're all wired into the 'A' plug (i.e. the bottom one) which seems a bit odd.
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