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  • Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the advice, have found the website and got the software, will have a swing at getting rid of the warning light when the leads arrive,

    Thanks again,

    hi charlie my partner checked with meter and battery charges ok and holds power he said he will put new battery on and go from there cheers
    YES ,Andy..!!

    not sure of anywhere LOCAL to Oxford to recommend,
    too many out there who seem to rely on a laptop to diagnose EVERYTHING..!!

    completely "lost" with an unusual fault..,

    Hi Charlie, would the fiat garage near witney be SoloItalia , run by Rick ?

    Hi all & varesecrazy,plug leads not changed & cant here any " cracking " noise which as every one is saying would indicate a short. The present one is a 2001 5 door with all the toys,so not a bad little car if only it would run ok as my MPG trip is showing me 25 mpg when i was getting a average 50 on a run so now getting rather fed up . varesecrazy i live in Newport,Gwent so any one in that area who can help me I would be really grateful, seriously any one in my area that can HELP me i would really appreciate it as deep down I really love my punto hence why I bought a second one as so pleased with first one. To all that have posted help messages THANK YOU ALL :)
    Many happy returns for yesterday :)
    Hope you had a good one !
    My birthday is like fine wine, it matures with age :)
    Hi Charlie,

    I was just browsing my profile, trying to find members offers mentioned in a post, and found a "visitor message" from you dating back to March.

    Sorry I've not replied sooner, but I did not know this message existed. Not sure really what a visitor message is, as opposed to a private message.

    Although my title is portland_bill, I'm Nigel, the title derives from where I grew up. I'm in Faringdon, so not far from you.
    Hi Kerry,
    I couldn't actually see the ebay item,
    BUT , as long as they are for your model and year of panda , then YES , that souns like a good deal,
    Hi Charlie,
    After looking on ebay, I have come across this one........
    Fiat Panda Tailgate Gas Struts Spring PAIR - 2 YEARS WARRANTY- same day shipping eBay Top-rated seller
    companyblue £27.99 pair

    Would you say this sounds genuine?
    I rang my local Fiat dealer today, and they said £35 each

    Sorry for the many questions
    Thanks for that its a place to start without this site I would not have had a clue where to start. Thanks again.
    Postman Pat
    have you had the codes read..??,

    that is the starting point for anything nowadays,

    If you've got several vehicles , and do your own Maint. it's probably worth buying one - they are £25 / £40, £40 = cost of 1 reading from a garage..!!
    or maybe find someone locally who could read it for you.., forum member..!!
    Charlie - Oxford
    Hi varesecrazy
    What do you think my chances are of them finding the fault if I take it to an Auto Electrician, it seems electrical, after it had rained a couple of times and the fault happened I found the cover to the fuse box off, and thought maybe the rain had got in and something was shorting out so I replaced the cover, but a few weeks later it happened again on a dry sunny day. The problem with electrician is it would cost a bomb and could still not solve the problem.
    I think I might trade it in for another model "But I like my Qubo"

    Postman Pat
    Hi Dave & Varesecrazy
    Had RAC out today who did a great job identifying the fault following my running out of petrol. It appears the fuel pump primes but doesn't pump fuel through. They took it out and cleaned it and it still won't work.

    At least I know what the problem is now although won't be a cheap job to repair. I won't run out of fuel again.

    Many Thanks for your suggestions.
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