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  • Hi varesecrazy you where spot on it was my crank Sensor on my ducato but I read the replies to late spent £210 getting it sorted thanks anyway . I have now got another problem which has been gong on for years here goes engine management light comes on vehicle cuts out turn of ignition then back on gurgling noises then from lifter pump obviously pumping fuel engine starts but only runs for about a minute then same scenario when it restarts engine revs aren't steady if tick over is steady will run ok then and could for days then last year it ran for six months without a problem until crank sensor failed now the problems back again can cut out ten times in one day also when starting first thing in morning lifter pump pumps fuel like its ran back into tank overnight thanks Woody wood
    hi, back again still muddling through.would like to upload pics of my Panda but unsure how to progress, help would be appreciated.
    Thanks for that its a place to start without this site I would not have had a clue where to start. Thanks again.
    Postman Pat
    Thanks for the welcome message,still muddling my way through the forum site, will get the hang of it soon.
    Hi, I wonder if you would mind if I asked you a question about my 16V Ulysse as you seem to be knowledgeable!
    Hello Charlie tried that one no joy, Bloody crazy hay i have cable tied any thing that moved under car. will get new bushes,exhaust rubbers,and see what happens then. thanks for your help. Cheers Chris
    Could I pick your brains please.
    I purchased the Multiecuscan and eventually got it connected.
    I have cleared all faults on the Abs and they seemed to have not come back.
    The one I can't clear is C1212 . Something to do with engine torque measurements. This leaves my EPS warning still on.
    I know I have an open circuit on the egr system and that fault shows.
    Would you think the EGR fault would upset the ESP system?
    It's bloody cold out and I feel rough but quickly went through all systems.
    Can you please point me in the right direction to solve the ESP fault.
    Regards Ken
    Thank you for that information. I checked and on mine it was instrument panel only But its been done. Pity I thought I was on a winner there and could get Fiats to reset my warning.
    I intended to make a donation to you but have a feeling it went to the Forum.
    Thank you for your help.
    Regards Ken
    So my dear Uno 2000 1.1 just blew the head gasket.

    2 cylinders gone. There were no signs. Smelled a burnt rubber smell yesterday thought what the heck today drove suddenly weird noise, smoke and wham nothing.

    I am at a loss. Got 148 000km on, which for 16 years isn't that much it seems that everything is just going on a monthly basis now.
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