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Re: Cinquecento 1.4 16v Trackday Car

fantastic can man!!! proper little giant killer!
one day ill build something similar out of an old mk1 panda
living the Toyota life now but misses fiats very much. will return one day soon i hope.

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Re: Cinquecento 1.4 16v Trackday Car

Such epic pics there , cinqs look so at well at the track , well yours does
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Re: Cinquecento 1.4 16v Trackday Car

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I've visited this forum... My life and interests have changed a bit in the last few years, but I still have this little car.

I took the car to a few track days at Castle Combe and at Curborough, which were always great fun. One outing at Combe was so wet that I was able to catch and overtake several very fast RWD cars like BMW M6 and Locost kit car which were struggling to put any power down. The LSD and wet tyres on the Cinq were fantastic in those conditions.

However, hopefully I won't have it for much longer though, because it really needs to go now and is for sale.

Sadly the Cinq hasn't been out on the road for about 3 years and looks a bit sorry for itself having developed some nasty lacquer peel on the roof and a bit of moss. Mechanically it's still complete, but naturally having sat for so long it has got issues:
- The main one being that it won't start. The starter motor only turns very slowly and seems to draw a lot of current, so we suspect that there is a poor earthing there maybe. Tried 2 motors with the same result.
-Another issue is that if it were running again then it would need a remap because the fuel pump was replaced which seemed to change the fuelling and it didn't run quite the same afterwards.
-The wheel bearings are probably shot too after being sat.

I'm sad to have to sell it, but times change and needs must. I'll make a classified ad for it linked to this thread, but in the meantime if anyone is interested in buying the car (even if it's to break it for the good parts) then drop me a message. I'm not sure how much to ask for it - what's it even worth?

Anyway, I certainly have some good memories and from this car and I really learnt a lot when building it. Maybe someone else can take it on and look after it?

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Re: Cinquecento 1.4 16v Trackday Car

Hi James

I'm sure someone would love to own your car! (They've probably already bought it!)

Is the alternator seized by any chance?
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Re: Cinquecento 1.4 16v Trackday Car

i concur, whip the aux belt off and see if it turns over properly, sounds like classic seized alternator symptoms
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