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Punto (Bo) Selecta!! ( restoration / Polizia replica? )

1996 Punto (Bo) Selecta!! ( restoration/maybe polizia rep? help needed!! )
This all started out as a car my brother bought off the bay, with the intention of fixing up the pretty bits and selling at some kind of profit!!
It'd faded to a light pink, so a bit of a polish a couple of bits here and there plus some new wheel trims easy right?

Not a chance the car had other ideas!! The more we poked and proded, the more rust on driveway and the less metal on the floor of the car.. oops.

Anyhow my brother wasn't going to be put off, the rear bumper was damaged. As the previously lady owner had reversed into a trolley at ASDA, which left a crack.
So she put half a tin of bare filler just to make it look really unloved!! to be fair least she tried ill say that much.
So my brother removed it after alot of swearing snapped bolts! it then just fell off

Found more rust, and a dent underneath thanks to the Asda incident great! can we find a bumper for the rear in red. Can we f8#k, unless we want to pay massive postage costs for something we can't go see.
Or take a chance an drive half way across the country, to probably find it's rubbish anyway!!

So left that to one side for now see what we find, as we've decided to replace them both with black textured ones as the car would of had originally.

So meanwhile my brother has started getting together some other parts from the scrap yard.
Mainly the passenger electric window regulator, as the one on the car is being typically italian.
A lot of noise without doing anything and a pair of black textured mirrors! Not forgetting a replacement hazard light switch to replace the broken one, a passenger side armrest top cover.

Oh and two coils as the engine has a slight misfire at revs, so hopefully that'll cure it!!
Meanwhile i've got a new airfilter, and a rocker gasket as it leaks badly!!

Then the headlamp bolt snapped of in the front panel, more swearing along with the fact the front bumper bolts are also reluctant to come out.

A friend came round who can weld to look at the car, didn't say alot so take it he wasn't too impressed with the welding it'll need!! Oh well, worst case we'll maybe have to get someone else in to do it!!

Removed the front bumper today after cutting said rusted bumper bolts off, found more rust and previous supermarket damage!!

We've come to the realisation that the car is only really fit for spares realistically in order to make a profit, as the engine and box are brilliant.
Or the other option is to keep it and do all the work

To be honest my brother didn't really want a Punto selecta, as he's got his own car and i have two Punto's already and im not sure that i wanted another just yet!!

But we didn't want to break it thats a waste, i think there's enough old cars going to waste a scrap yards. Most are alot better than this one im sad to say.

At first we joked about rat look or chalk boarding it, camo colours etc...

But thats a bit final really and a nail in the coffin for a car, and no offence if your into that fair do's but if we was both honest we both though that was rubbish as far as we was concerned!!

If this car is going to be a royal pain in the arse, then we'll do something for fun with it.
But what? do something a bit fun with the paint scheme perhaps?
So maybe do it like an italian taxi and paint it yellow hmmm.. not sure? keep it red and do a fire engine car maybe? .....

Who know's if we can do this maybe do a charity run or something with it? we both thought that could be an idea perhaps if we can get the car done.

But what to do with it, what paint scheme/ livery?

i remembered seeing a cinqucento painted in Polizia colours at Auto italia at Gaydon a couple of years back.

I know it's not an original idea, but it's fun!!

Here's a pic of a model car to get the idea of what we want it to look like:-

Any thought's good or bad, help or advice would be appreciated!!

Don't have alot of money for this, so im going to have to call on some favours through work & freinds etc if im going to be serious about doing this project!!
the uno is fixed Mot'd and back on the road... only took me 7 months!! Im poor, broke and back on the wagon... only took me 7 months!!
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