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Handbrake Handle Replacement

Just a few tips 'n' ideas on replacing the standard handbrake handle.

Do not fit any adaptors into the replacement handle until later, all will become clear.

I had been thinking about replacing my handle for some time but did not have enough confidence about cutting off the existing handle until Notorious131 posted his experience. I have included an extract from his post below.

Quote Quote:
Originally posted by Notorious131
Right here goes chaps....
The original h/brake is a pig to remove after trying several methods to remove it, eventualy I just got a stanley knife and sliced along the top of the h/brake along its entire length, from the rear of the car to the front, I then peeled the original h/brake to each side and removed it. Basically the plastic one is a one piece item which is glued in place, bear in mind it make take some getting off.
With cover now removed we have the metal shaft of the h/brake exposed, clean off all remaining glue and crap.
You then take the Momo replacement and trial fit it, if it slides on easily then the shaft is clean enough. A tip here is to use some washing detergent on the shaft to make it slide on easier.
There should be an adapter for the Momo item to fit the Marea shaft correctly, this is basically a square section rubber ring.
Place the rubber ring on the exposed h/brake shaft and then place the Momo item on, it may be a tight fit. Check that the button can now be operated easily and will engage/disengage correctly.
If as on mine the button does not operate correctly then get some wet and dry paper and softly enlarge the hole on the square section rubber adapter. I would rather do this than on the h/brake as if you sand the h/brake you make expose metal which will the rust..
When happy that everything fits and works correctly then tighten the grub screws on the Momo item. I found that by undoing them first so that they were all just flush with the inside section of the Momo one you could then count the number of turns when doing up the others, thus making sure it will all sit evenly and correctly.
I had rather more luck it seems, or possibly following Notorious131's instructions just made it seem easier.

I first had to take my new blue gaiter off as it completely covered the handle. Next a cut along the top of the handle with a thin bladed modelling knife, there was a small groove that I followed, it took two or three goes to get down to the metal. The plastic then just peeled off, there were a few patches of glue, but not enough to cause any real problems. I checked the handle over but there was no glue or anything else to clean off. :D
The button is captive in the handle so no problems there. You can still use the handbrake with the handle off so there are no time pressures on this job.
I got the Brava/o adapter, ('A1' I think) with the new handle and rather nervously tried it for size on the lever. It fitted perfectly. :D
Next I dug out the old handbrake gaiter and fitted it.
The new handle came with 3 different sized grub screws, I found that the middle sized ones worked best, start them into the handle before fitting it. A little 'Fairy' on the adaptor and the handle just slid on. Tighten up the grub screws evenly so as not to get a twist on the handle. See Notorious's tip on this.

Test the handbrake action a few times to see if it works ok. My handle was a close fit but not too tight. It lost some of the 'click' when applying the brake but still seems to engage fully.

Good Luck :D
Dont forget to post some pics. Mine are on my web site.

This post has been created with the invaluable help of Notorious131, many thanks :D.

Please feel free to comment, correct, criticise (constructive) or post any of your experiences below.

Dave :)
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Re: Handbrake Handle Replacement

Thanks for the guide.
I have just installed my new MOMO carbon handbrake and a MOMO crystal gearknob.
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