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Gear Knob Replacement

Just a few tips n ideas on replacing the standard gear knob.

Do not fit any adaptors into the replacement knob until later, all will become clear.

The originals are a push fit and should pull straight off. They may be a bit tight and require a little persuasion.

Try not to twist it too much, (a little back and forward twist may be needed to loosen it), as this may cause the gear shaft to separate.

Once you have the original knob off you will want to decide on whether to shorten the shaft. The original knob sits quite low on the shaft, so the replacement is likely to sit higher, making the gear lever longer. Sit the replacement knob onto the shaft, still without any adaptors, and try it for height.

I halved the length of the narrow diameter shaft when I fitted my MOMO Tomahawk and ended up with a gear lever slightly shorter than standard. I may take the rest of the narrow dia. shaft off later and fit the knob completely on the larger dia. shaft.

If once you have shortened the shaft to your preferred size there is any of the 'key lug' remaining then this will have to be filed off to make the shaft round.

Fit and adjust the gaiter and shaft cover if fitted. The original gaiter may be glued onto a plastic frame. This frame may break if pulled around too hard. It should be possible to pop it out of the console with care. You may have to fish out some of the metal clips from around the gear shaft as they can fly off. The gaiter can then be peeled off the frame, again with care, if you wish to replace it.

Follow the instructions that came with your gear knob wrt fitting spacers/adaptors etc. A touch of washing up liquid will help rubber adaptors slide, don't use oil as this may damage them. (Unless the instructions say otherwise).

Before final tightening you can sit in the middle of the back seat to check if it is fitted straight, much easier than rubber necking.

Good Luck :D
Dont forget to post some pics. Mine are on my web site.

This post has been put together from my experience and with assistance from Notorious131.

Please feel free to comment, correct, criticise (constructive) or post any of your experiences below.

Dave :)
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