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Old 04-10-2004 20:00
Description: Largest FIAT / LANCIA / ALFA ROMEO Shop
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Re: FIAT Shop

A word of warning for anyone thinking of buying something from /!

A month ago I ordered a set of vintage hubcaps and tricolore badges for my 500. The price for hubcaps was 61.20 euros for a set and for tricolore badges 48,20, plus postage from Austria to Finland, all together summing up to 128,11 euros.
All was well for a week, but then staff sent me an e-mail saying, that they had a new price for the hupcaps, 144 euros for a set. They said that I could either pay the difference or we could cancel the deal. I replied to them wondering how it was possible, that I needed to bay the difference, since I had made the purchase a week before they changed their prices? I mean, my local food market doesnīt charge me for extra, if I have bought a bottle of milk a week before they raise their pricing... I also said, that they could send me the tricolore badges and only charge me for those because I wouldnīt pay a whopping 144 euros for a set of hubcaps!
Well, now a month later, I recieved my visa bill saying I owe them 128,11 euros. They havenīt sent me anything I ordered and they havenīt answered any of my e-mails since they told me I had to bay more to get the hubcaps.

I have now contacted my creditcard company and they were very nice giving me advise how to proceed if they still donīt reply.

I was wondering if any of you have had similiar experienses about Iīm very pissed off about all of this and I will for sure let as many people as possible know about it!

Hope You understand what I mean...
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