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Car Audio Services, Sheffield

Evening all - I am a new member, with a question to which an answer would be greatly appreciated. My youngest son has his eye on a Cinq Sporting at the moment, but the vendor does not have the red key, nor the key code.

Now, I know that this can be rectified by fitment of replacement ECU, locks, red and blue keys (at an approxiamate cost of 750 at a Fiat dealership), but this would rather screw the value for money side of the vehicle!! One guy I spoke to regarding the problem told me about a company who advertise on e-bay, and who reckon to be able to supply the necessary keys, and re-program the ECU to match. The cost of this service is 170.00

My question is, has anyone either used this service, or know of anyone who has ?? - was everything OK, or have other problems occurred ??

The company in question is Car Audio Services, Sheffield.

Many thanks for any info.

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Re: Car Audio Services, Sheffield

Hi, welcome to the forum.

What year is the Cinq in question. If its pre 1997, then the chances are the EEPROM inside the ECU is not soldered to the board. If this is the case, the immobliser can be disabled for as little as 40. One of our members on here has developed a replacement EEPROM for the Cinq. It boosts power, torque, removes flat spots and also disables the immobliser. Send a message to this guy and he'll be able to sort you out:

If the car is post 1997, then the EEPROM is likely to be soldered. In this case, if you can find a working Cinq ECU from a scrap yard, with one of mckcrich's chips in there that will also work fine.

If you desperatly want a red key, im assuming this is the same place (its based in sheffield)

However.. before i had a chip fitted to my car - i had never needed the red key. I have had my engine in bits all over the garage for over a week, so the battery was most definetly off and the ECU left with no power for a long time. I don't think ive seen a single case on here of anyone actually needing the red key.

Any more questions, or if you want anything clearing up - let us know
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