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is back
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We went a walking...

Well todays FF meet had a grand total of 0 Fiats One Asbo, one Audi and one Landy... , for one minute I thought we had a Fiat turn up but that was someone elses Punto

Anyway... we gots a walking, we managed 5 peaks and had a lovely time

tesse surprised at what Fraz has to say

hmmmm i spy with my little eye... something .... beginning.... wiiiiiiith... ASBO

larry wants jelly babies

very happy pup

downhill... still...

anyway, it was a lovely walk and we'll be up for another... when i can move my legs again
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Speedbump grimacer
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Re: We went a walking...

Looks ace! Sorry I couldnt make it my car was being a jerk.
I like the stance Tesse has in the group pic
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Re: We went a walking...

cannot merge, please keep all event chat to the original thread
“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
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