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Beckhams in L.A. - 'Plastic Town' accepts Plastic People

Almost made me puke watching the Beckhams prancing around L.A. upon their arrival recently. 'Posh' (Innit) Spice Victoria already looks more plastic and anorexic than Barbie, and David still has trouble stringing a sentence together. And God help the Yanks, the Becks want to set up loads of franchises and conquer the USA. If they fail (please!) it's a LONG way down

And looking at the BBC readers comments - - it's nice to know I'm not the only one who think that the pair of them are media whores both well passed their sell by date and seriously lacking anything (especially brain cells and talent) except money and a greed for 'fame'. Here's just a few comments from the BBC website to make you laugh...

What a sad and sorry world we live in when this sort of tripe makes the news. 30,000+ children die every single day from malnutrition, disease or war but we're more interested in two single-celled amoebas who've moved LA. Why encourage your kids to study when intelligence is not required to succeed in politics or society?

[bravotwodingo], Stockholm

The Beckhams will conquer the US if the Americans are as into media freak shows and 'celebrities' as much as the British are.I'm sick to death of seeing them,he's not that good a footballer anymore and just exactly what is she good at?Nothing.

Nick Dickens

Who is David Becksham?

Pete, LA

The Americans aren't getting the Beckhams in the first place. They are getting the plastic images the Beckhams want to project at the world of themselves (the polite, soft talking, charitable, loyal, faithful, wonderful, lovely people that celebrities like to pretend they are so they can get rich on the back of their image). The real Beckhams are shut away in a cardboard box somewhere, with a big padlock. We haven't seen them for years, and probably never will again.

Keep them, USA.

Colin, London

The question should be: has David Beckham moved to the USA in order to fatten up Victoria?

Going by the size of most Americans, she is in danger of being ignored completely, because they won't be able to SEE her.

L A Odicean

Who cares. He's a footballer which is just his job and what he gets paid for. She's a talentless, self obsessed bimbo who seems to have the most over inflated opinion of anyone alive today. Let's hope they get lost in the trivial oblivion of LA.

Gillian Harris, United Kingdom

"Will the US accept Beckhams ?"

I desperately hope that they will. I hope they will accept, and never let them go.

Mustafa Yorumcu, London

Plenty more comments in this vein!

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Re: Beckhams in L.A. - 'Plastic Town' accepts Plastic People

I hope that now they are in a different country, I won't have to read about them every single bloody day in the newspapers -_-
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Re: Beckhams in L.A. - 'Plastic Town' accepts Plastic People

Quote Originally Posted by 1986Uno45S View Post
Who is David Becksham?
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