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Re: Forum Rules Updated

Quote Originally Posted by custard View Post
the problem is that loads of people were using 'how much is it worth' as a way of creating an ad on the forum.
you list a specific case for you but in the end you have the part/car which will be for sale at some point.
thats why there is an open to offers or auction style in the classifieds
I get what you're saying Custard, but the part in question is NOT for sale on its own. Until I find out how much it goes for on the second hand market I won't know what to do with the rest of the car. Basically I will want this part in the future, but if it is going to cost me as much to buy again on its own as I will get to sell the whole car then I'll remove the part and sell the car without it.

However, if I'd worded it differently would this be acceptable? For instance, if I said "Can anyone tell me what Fiat charge for an XYZ part new, and how much do XYZ parts normally go for second hand." Would that be acceptable?

Or "I'm looking at an XYZ part that costs XX. Is that a good price?"

I've looked on Ebay and found nothing to help me, and knowing other FF users buy these parts I'll get a better idea of the going rate if that information could be shared.

Hang on, here's another idea!

How about having a price guide sticky with recommended second hand parts prices in each model section? Someone could simply post up a part, then other members could add what they paid for one either new or second hand. That would also give a guide to other members looking for such a part.

A good idea maybe, and with a fairly definitive list it would stop others (like me!) from having to ask in a new thread!

Quote Originally Posted by Trinity View Post
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Re: Forum Rules Updated

problem is its varies so much in prices plus people tend not to read/update the stickies.
for proof see the 2 stickies i keep bumping up for tools required and guides in cento land.
considering how much cento work is going on there is little input.
as said wording can be key but if your allowed to post a how much is it worth and 2 days before someone has been hit for 2 points thewn you can see what the result of that would be
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