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anyone on this forum a good car photgrapher? im talking about the fast car type stuff

hey guys,just wondering how many car photgraphers are on this site.
i really wanna get good at car photography and was just wondering where to start,i.e with cameras and stuff.
i wanna take shots for the modded scene so like fast car style photos,and i know alot of there stuff is edited with false lighting etc,but was just wondering if someone could teach me the basics??
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Re: anyone on this forum a good car photgrapher? im talking about the fast car type s

I've done a bit in the past, but mainly on film. I don't think there is one camera that's better than the rest, and although much of what we see in magazines is enhanced by Photoshop, you can try much yourself. If you have a digital camera then you can look at what you've just taken and decide what you do, or don't like about the images at the time you take them. I used to have to wait several days for the prints to come back to see what you'd done right or wrong.

I have two pieces of advice for you:

1) Look at magazines or books and pinch some of the ideas used by professionals, and,

2) Take a camera with a limited range of lenses/zoom and make the pictures you take fit the camera, not the other way round. This will make you and your creativity work harder. It's too easy to use a shed load of lenses or a camera with lens with a very wide range. At the moment I use a Lumix DMC -FZ 18 Bridge camera which has an 18 times zoom lens, or 28 - 503mm in "old money". The problem with this one is that once you get past 10X zoom you are in digital mode which doesn't give anything like as clear a picture as 10X and below.

You could also take close up pictures of relatively small parts of a car such as a wheel or grille or badge. With a lot of modern digital cameras you can alter the white balance which means that unlike film cameras you can take pics under a variety of different artificial lights such as street lamps.

You could also try taking photos of an attractive car alongside/in front of a truck or similar industrial type of vehicle or other machinery. A kind of beauty and the beast kind of thing.

You could also try putting a car in front of, or behind another and use a shallow depth of field to show one in focus and one out of focus. It's easy to do on a film camera simply by focussing on one while using a wide aperture which will put the other car out of focus.

I'll try and find one or two of the digital images I have and post them on here in the next few days. It's also worth taking pictures from a low angle and many cars benefit from photos taken from a quarter, either front or rear.
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