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Ohhh my, yes.
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Opinions please...

I am looking at upgrading my camera (already)! I have quickly outgrown it and it's not really suitable for what I want it for, for a couple of reasons. The big one is the slowwwww frames per second figure (2.5).

I currently have a Sony a330 (with additional budget 70-300 lens), which has been a good punch bag for camera reviewers, and rightfully so, in many cases. I am currently looking at getting the a550 as it seems to meet more of my requirements:
  1. Built in image stabilisation (mainly as I can then get away with slightly cheaper lenses as they don't need it built in!)
  2. Live view with adjustable screen
  3. Decent frames per second figure for motion photography
  4. Good availability of lenses on other brands (e.g. Tamron/Sigma/camera maufacturer's own)
  5. Can be picked up on eBay (or other website) with a kit lens for under the 500 mark (if Sony, but for the 550/600 mark if another maker as I'd also be selling my telephoto as well, but would need to get another in that price too lol)
  6. Generally a good all-rounder, which can do lazy point and shoot, as well as full shot setup
  7. Ideally the ability to take videos
  8. Ability to upgrade to a premium lens that compliments a camera of that level at some point (such as a Sony G-series, Canon L, etc), although I note that Tamron are bringing out a competition busting 60th aniversary lens soon with Nikon/Canon/Sony mounts to be released in that order...
The a550 seems to meet 1-5 fully, mostly number 6 (slightly simplified customisation options, but excellent for point and shoot and on-the-hoof shots), not 7. Number 8 really limits me to the 3 aforementioned makers I guess...

Basically what I'm asking is does anyone have any other suggestions - pipeline, or otherwise - that I should be looking at? Do they agree with me? I note that there is the Nikon D5000, but this has no built in IS and I'd need a new budget 70-300 lens with IS, which is hard to find! Same with a Canon unit. But I could flog my current camera with the telephoto thrown in then. The other issue with this is that there appears to be compatability issues with the lenses for the D5000 and the autofocus not working!

Thanks for your help with this mildly complex situation!
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