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Dissappearing Rear Speaker Cables

First of all got to say thanks to the thefishdude for putting up a post about the head unit wiring for Mk2 Puntos. I've just got a new Sony CDX-MP40 MP3 head unit and was bit confused about why it wouldn't switch off with the ignition.

Seems that I've got a new problem though. I've got a basic model Y-reg Mk2 Punto. As it was cheap'n'cheerful it didn't come with any rear speakers fitted but it did come with the cabling and connectors running to the mountings either side of the parcel shelf.

Trouble is when I took off the head unit a couple of days ago I realised that the cables don't run all the way through to the head unit connector - only the front speaker cables do.

Has anyone else found this on their car and if so do you know where the loose ends of the speaker cables can be found.

Just thought I'd ask before taking any of the sills off.

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hi there glad you found my other post helpfull.

i have tried lookiing at sum wiring diagrams for the different trim levels of mk2 punto but unfortunatly they are not clare as to were the wires you found will terminate. only things i know are that you also do not have the front tweeters in doors. and that all rear speaker wiring travels down the passenger side of the car. how far it goes i do not know i am afraid. shouldnt be to hard to get some wiring in just time comsuming i would of thought.

good luck on your wiring hunt.
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with the cinquecento i had no rear speakers or wiring so i bought an ISO lead and a standard block connector to fit the spare rear connection plug,this way you can wire up the speakers ala OE so you can unplug the connections.i know it sounds confusing but when you see the plug it will be more obvious(if its the same as the cinq)and then you just run the wires back

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