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Question ICE advice - Grande Punto

Hi! I'm new

I have a Grande Punto with the standard Blaupunkt radio/CD player and speakers.

My passenger door speaker is failing now and I would like to revamp the ICE, to include a Bluetooth connection if possible (just to listen to music, not bothered about making calls so no speaker required). Not interested in DAB and not really bothered about changing out my current radio. In fact I would like to avoid that if possible because it's built in and I don't want to upset the appearance of the centre console. Is it possible to add a BT connection without changing the radio/CD player?

Also, am I able to set it up so that I can control the BT (eg changing tracks etc) using the existing controls on the steering wheel?

I'm currently looking at Alpine. I just want a basic set up to include new speakers, sub and BT connection if I can.

Would really appreciate any help/advice or examples of other people's set up.

Sorry if these are stupid questions - I'm really clueless with this stuff!

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Re: ICE advice - Grande Punto

My grande punto came stock with the blaupunkt. my speakers were failing too so i planned to just replace the speakers at the time however - the standard radio will limit the potential of the speakers so id recommend replacing the radio too. I picked the Sony MEX-N4100BT - wasnt too pricey and included - USB, aux and BT. Tuning the sound on the radio is pretty good. (also has a button for megabass which is pretty neat )

- you will need the adapter fasica plate to fit this btw - get one from halfords.
- you may need wiring adapter from halfords to fit the old wires to the new radio - i got mine from halfords - ask one of the guys and theyll show you which one will work

Speakers i picked alpine(what more can i say - its alpine ) and edge(pretty decent sound for the price you get) from my local audio shop(and or halfords) - sizes are as follows:

Grande punto 2005 -onwards 6.5"/16.5cm component - FRONT // 4"/10cm coaxial back
i cant remember the exact models i picked to replace but they were the same sizes and were alpine.

i also had a sub - just a standard sub from Halfords (Edge or something it was called - did the job and had a inbuilt amplifier on it too so i didnt need to mess with anything else)

connecting the sub was a bit of a pain as i couldnt find an area in the firewall in which i could feed the wire through from the battery to the sub. I had to drill a small hole under the passenger side and fed the wire through/under the plastic bits on the side of floor panels to the boot.

unfortunately - i couldnt get the steering controls to work on mine but im sure there is a way somewhere. - i mostly likely will get to do this soon as i want to get the steering controls to work.

Remote wiring i got hooked up to the sub so it switches off when i turn my car off.

there was a page on this forum which showed you how to remove the old speakers - i cant link it but its on this forum

its pretty straightforward but can be a bit of a pain. The old speakers are are riveted - so youll need a drill to drill em out.

in general - i just replaced the whole lot but now it sounds pretty mint
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