There have been many questions asked about whether it is worth running your petrol GP on VPOWER or other super unleaded petrols.

This article aims to answer some of the most FAQ's posted about superunleaded in the GP section.

  1. Will it give my car more bhp or torque? The short answer here is no. 95 octane petrol does not prevent your engine developing full power so no addtional bhp or torque will be developed by switching to a higher octane fuel.
  2. Can I modify the car to produce more power from this fuel? Yes, an engine re-map which advances the ignition timing will produce more power from this fuel. Bear in mind though the associated risks with a re-map & costs to insurance etc. Also you will only be able to run the car on super unleaded from that point on and this could make the car more expensive to run and also affect the re-sale value.
  3. So are their any benefits then? Yes. Your car will run much smoother and will be noticeably less jumpy in the lower rev range. Also these fuels contain more cleaning additives which should help clean away deposits which have built up and prevent new deposits forming.
Hope this guide has been of some help. If you require more information the please post in the GP section of the forum mentioning this guide and someone will be happy to answer your question(y)