1. Either buy a new linkage from fleabay or dismantle your one from your gearstick - either way you will need to dismantle your gearstick at some time.
(see other guides to learn how to do this)
DO NOT cut off the head of the gear stick put it in a vise and pull it off

You will also need a suitable piece of metal the size of the base of the white unit (I had a nice piece of 8mm ali knocking about the workshop)

Preparing the plastic unit

Now you need to cut the extended flange from the white plastic unit...
flange cut.jpg
cut of flange.jpg
filing top of bracket.jpg
flange removed.jpg

Marking your plate

Now put the bracket on your plate and draw round it and mark the holes

placing unit to make plate.jpg
plate markings.jpg

I then drilled out the holes and bolted the bracket upside down so I could get a good approximation of the centre on the main hole.

using unit to check mark hole.jpg

Then I used the small base unit to check it again

using base to mark approx hole.jpg

Then it was time to cut out the plate to shape
(notice I bolted the units together at this point so I could check that the gearstick did not foul on the plate)

boring out plate.jpg

Then fit it - JOB DONE !!!

Build side view.jpg
built 3-4 view.jpg

(depending on how your plastic linkage is mounted you may need to get some bolt extenders) such as these:-

bolt extender.jpg

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