Hello all,

I've just discovered a similar guide existing in a text only version but I thought I'd add my version with the pictures. This is a very simple job, I'm in no way mechanically minded and tend to approach everything with a ham fisted frustration that results in everything being broken and me storming off in a huff at the slightest little hiccup.

The air filter and spark plugs should be changed at every 18000 mile service but why not save yourself the labour charges and do it yourself. I would change the oil and filter at the same time but since my scale replica of the Exxon Valdez disaster in my garage last year, I refuse to touch sump plugs again. Anyways, onto the guide.

10mm socket
7mm socket
16mm spark plug socket (preferably a thin walled one as space is tight)
Extension bars for the sockets, at least 250mm for the spark plug socket and 100mm for the 10mm/7mm sockets.
Clic-R pliers or pinch pliers.
Flat bladed screwdriver
75mm jubilee clip (optional)

0001 - 18.jpg