Ok...So we want to tint/smoke/black out our rear light!?!

Well hopefully this guide will help you get the job done; i know when i was thinking about doing it i used the search tool and only found pictures of before/ after pics, and a little explanation on how to do this; so i thought i would take picture of me doing it and then post it for others to hopefully use.

*Please any useful comments/ hints and tips from others would be great*

Now i have heard different ways to go about tinting your rear light e.g. black tights, black spray, window tint film etc etc; but for this guide I’m focusing on using a pre-made 'Tint Spray' - these are widely available on auction sites, with the two main products being the 'E-Tech' spray, and the 'Savage' spray - both do the same job i guess, except with savage you get a 400ml can, compared to a 150ml can with e-Tech. these sprays are about £10 on average but shop about to find a good price.

Ok, so once you have bought your spray we can move on to prepping...
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