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Ok this might be teaching some to suck eggs but for new / inexperienced drivers this might be useful

Before going out in bad weather check the weather forecast and listen to the advice of the emergency services in severe weather travel only if absolutely necessary

Drive slowly leaving a large gap between you and the car in front upto 10x the usual distance you would leave

Cold weather can knock the hell out of the car longer warm up times, thick gloopy oil, frozen cooling fluid, flat batteries stuck locks/ doors can cause winter misery.

So first up before winter bites ensure the car is as healthy as it can be......

Get it well serviced and ensure that:


The battery is healthy.....


Coolent is adequate in terms of strenght to the conditions ......

that your wipers work well

Tyres have at least 4mm of tread

(ideally switch to winter tyres) :D

Ensure door locks are lubicated with a graphite based lubricant and door seals are treated with a propitiatory rubber dressing or silicone oil

The battery is healthy (most garages do a free battery check) yes i said it twice

Make sure the screen wash solution is strong enough to prevent freezing and if going a long way carry extra for en route top ups should you run out...

Keep the car full of fuel that way should you get stuck you can keep the car running to keep warm .. If your in a remote area conceder a spare can of fuel in a proprietary petrol can ..... If you plan on doing this in heavy snow fall ensure the engine grill is kept clear of snow the scuttle is clear and the exhaust isnt burried to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide getting into the car ideally open the windows a bit whilst the car is running

Think about having the the following items in the car

Jump leads ( fairly obvious cold weather can zap the life out of a battery)

Spare winter screen wash

Tow rope (ensure your towing eye is in the cars kit)

Snow shovel

Snow chains or tyre socks and grip mats..

plenty of deicer and a scraper

a couple of bright LED bike lights which can be used to signal your location without having to leave the car lights on....



Every bad winter you hear of people been stranded over night in their cars in sub zero temperatures without coming over all Ray Meers, Bear Grills or Andy McNabb



and think im over reacting this is about 5 miles from where i work...


think about the following

Warm clothing... Pack extra clothes nice warm ones that dry quick......

Stout waterproof shoes jacket and trousers

A hat and scarf (you loose about 1/3rd of your body heat by your head and neck) and a pair of gloves

some way of lighting a fire

Something warm to sleep in a decent hiking 4 season sleeping bag is ideal or a few blankets...


Plenty of high calorie food chocolate and the like, if you live in a remote area think about hot food and drink... Regardless of the situation you can't beat a hot brew when your stuck freezing your balls off...

a 12v kettle (REMEMBER TO RUN THE CAR WHILST USING) and a insulated travel mug

or a camping stove and mess tin or camping kettle which uses propane cartridges (butane freezes)


are a sure fire way of heating food and water, You can get Army style ration packs which take up far less space than tinned foods..


which there is over 6000 calories in that bundle.. a litre of water.. and american ration heaters to warm the food... of which there is such culinary delights of Beans and sausuages. Chicken curry and rice . chocolate brownie in chocolate sauce, hot chocolate mix, tea bags, coffee and a mix of nibbles including mixed nuts, boiled sweets, and cereal bars

which all packed into this:

10007560284_3ebdf44118_h.jpg 😋

Other things to thing of are:

Mobile phone car charger,

GPS location app / GPS reciever

fm radio

a wind up torch

something to read / pass the time.

bright orange survival bag can be used to attract attention, a good map

Should you be unlucky enough to get stuck STAY WITH THE CAR UNLESS YOU CAN SEE WHERE YOUR HEADING ON FOOT!!!

The car offers protection from the wind and cold

If stranded

try and get help use the GPS location in rural areas to let the emergency services know where you are....

Keep yourself warm get in your sleeping bag put on extra layers and stay put... People die walking aimlessly in blizzard condtions.. If it gets really bad considerer using the foam rubber from the back seats to keep you warm.. Got a newpaper? stick it to the windows to provide a very basic double glazing

Dont sit with the Radio or interior light on on it will kill the battery

bit more info