We all know that the original Panda steering wheels are small and skinny. For those of us that use our Pandas every day, a Fiat Cinquecento Sporting wheel is easy to fit and improves comfort. Here's how to do it.

Firstly, disconnect the battery. If you don't mind disturbing the neighbours due to the horn constantly blowing then leave the battery connected.

Next, ensure the steering wheel is dead centre with the wheels straight ahead, this makes life simpler later on.

Next, prise off the horn push in the centre of the wheel. I found this was easily done using two small flat blade screwdrivers, it just pops out.


Once removed you can see the 24mm nut holding the wheel in place, the springs which operate the horn and the washer below the nut. Remove the springs and set them aside.


Next, get a 24mm spanner or socket and loosen the nut carefully. It may be tight, but it will loosen. Be careful not to round the edges. Once off set it with the springs and then remove the washer. Don't lose them!


Then simply pull the wheel towards you, it will come away from the steering column easily.


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