Getting the column out

To get the column out you need to remove the steering wheel and both plastic covers. To remove steering wheel you can use other guide on this site, but basically:

  1. Unplug the battery
  2. Remove three screws holding driver airbag (inbus 5) and its connectors
  3. Remove steering wheel (24mm)
  4. Remove bottom cover three screws (inbus 3) and cover itself
  5. Remove two screws (inbus 3) from top cover
  6. Unplug all the connectors and unscrew one brass screw (inbus 5) holding the column
  7. remove the column - watch out for the plastic piece on the top, so you won't break it like I did (n)

2020-03-19 17.09.31.jpg 2020-03-19 17.11.30.jpg IMG_20200319_204048[1].jpg

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